Feedback is Key

Providing feedback not only helps the person that you are giving the feedback to, but it also helps the individual who is providing the feedback. It allows you to see a different angle that you may have not seen before. I think it’s amazing to see a plan on paper being turned into a video. When providing feedback, it’s important to give constructive criticism. This means that you should give positive comments and negative comments. I like to think of it as pro, con, pro, you always want to end on a high note. Giving feedback to my peers has enhanced my own work and has also allowed me to grow.

Reading the plan drafts made me think about where I could add more elements and details to my own work. Giving feedback on the videos was even more beneficial because you got to see the video come to life. You got to see which elements were used and what could be improved. Was their voice at a good tone? Did they sound confident?

After looking at their videos I went back to mine to see what elements I had used efficiently. From doing that and reading the feedback that was provided to me, I even changed one or two minor details to make sure that I sounded credible. I will now incorporate giving feedback into my professional career because it is an amazing tool that will help not only myself but my teammates as well. Always remember that you are only as strong as the team around you. 

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