Setting Attainable & Realistic Goals

When starting a business, it’s important to set goals but those goals must be realistic and attainable. Shanelle Mullin states that many startups set goals that are unreachable which will not better their business in the future.  Some startups also set goals that are too easy to attain which will also not help their business in the long run. One way to know if you are setting goals that are unreachable or too attainable is by looking at the current data of your business. For example, if you have a 5-8% increase in website traffic in the past four months then setting a goal of 10-14% month over month increase would be attainable but still challenging.

Some may ask how they should choose a certain goal. It’s important to understand what stage your business is in. Are you focusing on awareness, engagement or maybe feedback? Set your goals to reflect the stage you are in and also make sure those goals that you set have SMART objectives and key performance indicators. Be as specific as possible so you know exactly what goal you need to attain and how you will do so. Picking these goals may not be easy but the road to attaining these goals will be worth it.  

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