The Use of Guerrilla Marketing

I like to think of guerrilla marketing as thinking outside the box. It’s something that is going to shock an audience but get their attention in a positive way. There are different types of guerrilla marketing like outdoor guerrilla marketing, indoor guerrilla marketing, event ambush guerrilla marketing and experiential guerrilla marketing. I think the two that really stick out to me most would be outdoor and event ambush. Outdoor guerrilla marketing is basically adding something outdoors that could be easily removed. It could be some stickers on light posts or even on the floor. It could also be something like a statue that you put on a sidewalk. Event ambush would be starting a fashion show in the middle of an event that was not planned and no one was aware of. This would be something that really grabs the attention of those around you and will start a buzz. It’s always important to be creative and get your brand known by doing something different. Using guerrilla marketing is a great tool and will attract consumers anywhere you would like to.

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